Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recycled Paper Beads

I rescued some paper from the recycle bin.

I printed a colorful pattern on the unprinted side (though using the printed side is pretty cool as there are random words on the finished stuff).

I measured how long I want my beads and marked accordingly.

I lined up my marks at the wide part of the triangle and cut with a rotary cutter.

I now have a stack of bead papers.

I roll the beads on a cotter pin. I like to cover the round end of the cotter pin with cloth tape to protect my hand (I tend to grip it too hard!). I use a UHU glue stick to glue the bead together.

And voila! Recycled Paper Beads!

Coating them with a water-based varnish will make them much more durable.
I prefer Triple Thick, but Modge Podge works well too. Modge Podge matte is a nice change from glossy beads.

Other papers that work really well:

Scrapbook paper
Magazine pages
Nature or wildlife calendars
Colorful catalogs

Please note that this is my favored technique...but there are many others out there, for example:

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